spring bingo card

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They also worked great to get our bathroom sinks clean (like that stuck on toothpaste!).
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Ha! I made a helpful spring cleaning list a few years ago, but who wants to do that all by themselves?Buttons used on this website, are from the Pack.Did you enter to win some of our 10 giveaways for hitting 10,000 Facebook Fans.But heres the catch in kids doing choresthey dont usually want to!For more detailed information, please see.Well there are some of you Im sure, but my kids are not in that category. Whenever my kids are bored, I give them a job.There are five versions of the Bingo game so you can print out each version so not everyone gets the same thing.Download Bingo Card 4, download Bingo Card 5, download Bingo numbers.So I decided to make it a game.
It was so fun to watch my kids get excited about cleaning by playing the Bingo game and getting rewards for their drive hyper casino corbenay hard work.Each player has one card and 15 markers. Im also excited to try these paper towels on my gas stove top which frequently needs some hard scrubbing.To play, caller puts all calling cards upside in front of him. We love to use Cottonelle because its got that clean ripple texture and perfect for kids to wipe their bums.