poking meaning in english

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Naturally, a buyer cannot inspect the pig if it is covered by a pokethat is, a bag or sack.
A projecting brim at the front of a bonnet.
Related to poking: poking around poke 1 (pk).Poke 5 (p-k).Hence slowpoke, and.Idiom: poke fun at To ridicule in a mischievous manner.To thrust nouveau casino en ligne avec bonus sans depot roulette forward; appear: The child's head poked from under the blankets.To proceed in a slow or lazy manner; putter: just poked along all morning.A push, thrust, or jab.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonyms Legend: Switch to new thesaurus Noun.The word poke meaning "bag" is not confined to just the American Southin many parts of Scotland, poke bag is still used of a little paper bag for carrying purchases like candy.More verb /pk close present tense, i/you/we/they poke he/she/it pokes present participle poking past tense poked past participle poked.Chiefly Southern US A sack; a bag.Middle English, probably from Old North French; see pocket.Poke.2 "pokeweed; a weed used in medicine and dyeing colonial American, from native words, possibly a confusion of similar-sounding Native American plant names; from 1630s in English as "tobacco plant short for uppowoc (1580s from Algonquian (Virginia) *uppowoc.Short for dialectal pocan, of Virginia Algonquian origin ; akin to puccoon.