poke island creasian kitchen

AHI poke ON toast shoyu sesame ahi, onion, toasted sesame, guacamole on toast with side salad.
Hongo benny sautéed mushroom on grilled sweet bread, 2 poached eggs, hollandaise, feta, pico de gallo, fried jalapeño.
Black Cod (Marinated w/Saikyo Style Miso, 15, m/user_local_phot Good, and very flavorful.Homemade Cream Cheese Cake (w/Miso Powder, 7, m/user_local_phot Ok, and very rich tasting.Their ingredients were fresh, and I liked that they had a mix of izakaya items in addition to sashimi and sushi rolls.Popcorn Shrimp Tempura (w/Creamy Spicy Sauce, 14, m/user_local_phot Not very flavorful and the shrimp was overcooked.We came as a large group, and tried: -Shishito Pepper w/Maldon Salt (6.50, m/user_local_phot Solid, and seasoned well.Socal egalite de couleur au poker club benny chicken tinga, bacon, guacamole, on grilled sweet bread, 2 poached eggs, hollandaise, valentina, green onion, radish.Spicy Tuna Roll (8.50, m/user_local_phot Ok, nothing special.White Chocolate Panna Cotta (w/Strawberry Sauce, 7, m/user_local_phot Yum- the panna cotta wasn't too sweet, and it was nice and creamy.Very unique, and recommended for salmon skin lovers!
The slight tartness of the strawberry went really well with the panna cotta- recommended!
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We couldn't taste the miso powder at all.Parking wasn't too difficult to find in this area since they are on the outskirts of downtown, but parking can be a challenge during the lunch and dinner rushes).Fried Okra w/Onion Salsa (6.50, m/user_local_phot Good, but nothing special.Grilled Eggplant (w/Sweet Miso, 8, m/user_local_phot Yum- a bit on the salty side, but they cooked the eggplant really well.No one really checked in on us proactively, which was disappointing.POG french toast toasted coconut and cream cheese stuffed french toast, pineapple orange guava sauce, whipped cream, powdered sugar.They were surprisingly busy for a weekday night, but this is a smaller spot.I would consider coming back to try their daily specials for sashimi and other items instead of focusing the order on their main menu.They also gave a good portion.Spam benny fried spam on grilled sweet bread, onion jam, hollandaise, pickled pineapple, pickled onion, cilantro.I would order the hamachi over the salmon.Island cornbread, uBE chicken waffle buttermilk fried chicken on a ube waffle, mas bbq sauce, maple syrup.Closer.5 stars but rounding down.Loco ONO moco all beef patty on steamed rice, sunny side egg, mushroom gravy, egypt sky slot online free crispy onion, side mac sac a outils softbag a roulettes stanley salad.