Richardson shut them off for so many years, for the win2fun casino no deposit bonus codes depraved jigger cars which utilize his tracks to get to the ferry are now transferring passengers to the regular crosstown lline on Park avenue.
It is situated in the heart of the city, at Third and Hill streets, and overlooks the municipality and country for miles around.
5 of the Union street cable line crashed into car.From the Los Angeles Herald / Sunday, January 1, 1905.From the San Francisco Morning Call / Sunday, April 12, 1891.The yokes and appliances constituting the line were designed by the builders to withstand the heavy traffic which Temple street supports, and the examinations made previous to the acceptance of the road show the strength and rigidity of the line to be all that was.The cable for the north end is three or four thousand feet in length.Bishop finally wrote him a letter threatening to call in the courts if the superintendent did not keep away.Last night the gripman sounded the gong repeatedly on approaching the crossing.Next Monday the First Broad-Gauge Train May Run Along Webster Street.
On Furey's motion the company was directed to reconstruct the road from Mason street to the ferries at once.
It has worked very successfully in Cleveland, but the Richardson line will give it its first practical trial.Meanwhile Mayor Robinson had City Attorney Dion Holm prepare for city acquisition of the privately-owned cable company."We haven't got the money in the cash register to pay even.48, much less raise the scale.50." "We won't take a pay cut said Charles Wood, president of the carmen's union.At the regular weekly meeting of District Assembly 75, Knights of Labor, last night, a complaint was received from the employees of the Park avenue Cable Road setting forth that there are nineteen runs on the line, ten of which are straight, paying.When the two lower cars were directly opposite the house occupied by Abe Ruef and Elisor Biggy a rod, which was being used by the rear car to push the other up the hill, gave away and the two cars came together with a crash.Those inside gazed with awe at the rusty old stove.It will be offered as a whole or in five subdivisions.Garthwaite, late secretary of the Consolidated Piedmont Cable Company, is not fully satisfied that Ira Bishop, the receiver of the same company, is doing work to the best interest of the company, Bishop is, or was up to a late date, manager of the San.From the Brooklyn Daily Eagle / Sunday, November 15, 1885.The full route will be operated up to 7:30.m.Reuben Morton, Superintendent of the Geary-street Railroad, is lying dangerously ill at San Rafael.51 for the final ride and others massed at the carbarn in a petition rally.A well known stable keeper, familiar with horses, accompanied an eagle reporter to the corner of Sands and Washington street to-day and looked at the teams hauling the cable cars.According to the engineers in charge of the work there are under the road nearly five thousand moving parts, all of which must be taken out in pieces."Unfortunately not was the sharp reply.

The committee took the matter under consideration.
From the Los Angeles Herald / Thursday, June 20, 1907.
It began on the west at Eleventh Avenue and Fourteenth Street, traversed Greenwich Village, passed through Crosby Street, and finally reached Park Row and Fulton Street.