November 7, 20 Green Card Lottery ended on Monday, November 7, 2016 at 12:00 noon, Eastern Standard Time (EST).
Your chance to euromillions loterie romand live, work study in USA.
Live and Work in the USA.
Details August 18, 2003 The submission rules for the Green Card Lottery have changed.What is the US green card lottery?September 28, 2016 Important notice regarding your photos: You must submit a recent photo taken in the last six months.The green card lottery is an official program pursuant to Sec.In a recent study it was shown that Americans spend tens of billions of dollars on government-run lotteries each year.The program aims to diversify the American population by creating an immigration opportunity to under-represented ethnic groups.If you missed the deadline, you can Register Now for the 2019 lottery.Send this page To send a link to the United States Green Card Lottery Service web site, enter the recipient's email below.
The DV-2020 Diversity Visa program registration period was between virgo culture bingo October 3, 2018 and November 6, 2018.
It also allows that person to enter and leave the country freely, as any other United States citizen.
October 1, 2018 The deadline for the 2018 Green Card Lottery is Tuesday, November 6, 2018 at 12:00 noon, Eastern Daylight Time.Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery, thank You!A Green Card is a permanent residence visa that allows a person to legally.Within each region, natives of no one country can receive above seven percent of the total available Diversity Visas in any one year.The DV-2020 registration period opened on October 3, 2018, and closed on November 6, 2018.The DV-2019 registration period was from October 18, 2017, until November 22, 2017.This program is an official State Department prix call of duty ww2 geant casino program, which grants 'Green Cards' to people who meet the simple, but strict, eligibility requirements.Free Eligibility Test, the Official American Green Card Lottery program benefits: 50,000 people and their families will Live, Work and Study in USA.For insturctions on how to check if you are a winner, please log in to your account.If you submit the same photo your application will be disqualified.Applicants are urged to begin the registration process as soon as possible and not to wait until the last moment.If you were not selected, you can Register Now for the next lottery.About Lottery USA, established in 1996, Lottery USA is one of the oldest lottery number results sites on the web.

May 15, 20 Green Card Lottery (called DV-2019) results have been released.
For example, the current lottery (2018) is called DV-2020.