Eastwood, who is currently producing a remake.
She is forced to return to Gotham City to reassert her control of her family's criminal operations by killing Two-Face.It ends up deciding he gets to use it, and poker tablecloth argos he destroys a giant mecha-suit with.4, the character has been featured in various media adaptations, such as feature films, television series and video games.Wenn keine Dame, oder höher auf der Hand ist, gewinnen die Spieler Play-Einsatz zurück und den Ante-Einsatz wird verdoppelt.Heute werden wir noch andere Arten von Poker besprechen, die Sie beim Spielen im Online-Casinos finden können.When flipped, it would either crush Batman or break all Dark Knight's bones.7 In the wake of Frank Miller's 1986 revision of Batman's origin (see Batman: Year One Andrew Helfer rewrote Two-Face's history to match.Batman and Robin eventually stop him and Harvey manages to fight off the evil inside of him to become himself again.
Later on, Grace is seen crying at a Chinese restaurant, calling Bruce Wayne to tell him that Dent saved her life; it is implies that Grace still loves him.
The Harvey Dent iteration of Two-Face appears in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, voiced by James Remar (in "The Fate of Equinox!" and in "The Mask of Matches Malone!Batman and Robin foil his plan and send him back to Arkham.39 Elseworlds edit In the Elseworlds story Batman: In Darkest Knight, Harvey Dent is the Gotham District Attorney and distrusts Green Lantern (who in this reality is Bruce Wayne) because of his vigilante tactics, made even worse due to Commissioner Gordon's distrust of Lantern due.32 Two-Face-Two edit In Batman #700, which establishes Terry McGinnis as part of the DC Universe canon, it is revealed that Two-Face-Two kidnapped the infant Terry, along with an 80-year-old Carter Nichols, and tried to disfigure them in the style of the Joker.Batman gets the upper hand and takes Harvey with him, but Two-Face tries to get rid of Batman, only to fail horribly.Plagued with guilt, Commissioner James Gordon considers publicly revealing the truth about Two-Face's killing spree, but decides that Gotham is not ready.Deathstroke uses Dent as bait to lure Batman, but his attempt on the Caped Crusader's life is unsuccessful.At the end of the book, the Dent and Two-Face personalities argue in thought, Two-Face calling Dent "spineless".Little Jonni Infantino, the mastermind behind the breakout, threatens to hurt Grace if Two-Face doesn't provide information on one of Rupert Thorne's thugs: Weird Tony Hendra, one of Harvey Dent's last cases as District Attorney.Batman: Year One 4 (March June 1987 DC Comics,.Claim: Actor-director Clint Eastwood is the son of comic Stan Laurel.He takes out Batman and pours some acid into his eyes and shows him how it feels to see the world blurry.Telewizja edytuj edytuj kod Rafał Syska, Zachować dystans.The sisters coerce Dent to become their family's legal retainer for life.

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In the teaser of "The Fate of Equinox Two-Face is taken down by Batman.
57 Injustice: Gods Among Us edit In Injustice: Gods Among Us ' prequel comic, Two-Face crashes a live broadcast on a Gotham news channel, having murdered a guest speaker and taken his place.