They can be difficult to debug because the resulting program behavior usually cannot be explained abstractly in terms of functions, variables, expressions, and statements, but must be understood at the machine level in terms of addresses and bytes.
But this does not suggest that we should act precipitously without carefully contemplating the potential implications, especially when there has been little (if any) meaningful analysis of such decisions' real utility or effects.
The Commission's report is almost silent on the subject of cryptography (see their pages 74-75).Railroad system will fail; nationwide control is now highly centralized, and manual backup systems for communications, switching and power have all been discarded.Since users can't verify the validity of certificates legitimate or otherwise - the genuine Microsoft certificates are essentially worthless!(On the Internet no one knows you are a gambler - except maybe for the casino, unless you gamble under many aliases.) Anonymity of gamblers is a particularly thorny issue.In fact, most of the basic-versus-applied protaganists will, if shown the diagram of four quadrants, agree that these three correspond to vital sectors of research, none of which is inherently superior to the others.Do you have to provide the password for each operation or is it cached?Peter Denning teaches computer science and helps engineers become better designers.But switch vendors are coming under considerable competitive pressure, and they, too, are striving to reduce costs and develop features more rapidly, which could make matters worse.Are they now properly prepared to fix the bugs or to know if they have fixed them?Rebecca Mercuri is a Research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania's Moore School of Engineering and a computer consultant with Notable Software.
(Hiding cryptographic keys is of course necessarily a form of security by obscurity.) The Emperor Has No Clothes.
The underlying problem is obvious.Professor Felten is in the Department of Computer Science, Princeton University.Schneider's textbook On Concurrent Programming (Springer-Verlag, 1997) discusses how assertional reasoning can be used in the analysis and development of concurrent programs.Worse yet would be the resulting lack of protection against harassment or blackmail by individuals who have inappropriately obtained access to an individual's information, or by government agencies that misuse their authority.Common security advice can help a little in combatting DDoS: install and properly configure firewalls (blocking nasty traffic isolate machines from the Net japanese pokemon twitter when connections are not needed; demand cryptographic authenticators rather than reusable fixed passwords, to reduce masqueraders.Denning Recent proposals to license software engineers have strained the uneasy tension between computer scientists and software engineers.State presently preclude convicted felons or foreign nationals from manufacturing, engineering, programming or servicing voting machines.